Second BTS and Handover

Added by Konrad Meier over 7 years ago

The second BTS at the faculty is now up and running. This means the coverage of the area is now increased by the factor of two. The second BTS was important due to the signal shielding of buildings 51 and 52. The first measurements are promising, showing that there is a good signal in nearly the whole area. The only "weak" spot is building 82. This is kind of strange because the second BTS is not far away. But since this is one of the most important places, we are going to improve the situation. If necessary we will install a small third BTS in this building.

With the second BTS we are now able to do handover between the two BTS. Normally this should work without problems. If you happen to have problems, please feel free to send us your bug report.

Here is the new measurement:

green = good signal; red = bad signal