Longterm Preservation of Digital Objects

This wiki is for the coordination of ongoing (sub)projects, theses on digital preservation and alike. See this section for definition of standard terms.

Project "Virtual Networking for Legacy Environments in Emulation-as-a-Service"

Bachelorprojekt "Emulation - Strategie für den Langzeitzugriff dynamischer Objekte am Beispiel von Computer Spielen"

Siehe dazu die Projektdokumentation ...

Project "Open vSwitch"

See Documentation.

Demonstration and Reference System

The reference and test system for emulators and system images


List of emulators and their different versions ...


Different approaches to automate the access to different type of objects ... and helper services like floppy or hard disk image creation services ...

Original Environments

List of original environments of a wide range of different computer architectures ...

Transfering, copying of image files.

Software Archive

List and description of items stored in the archive ...

Migrate and Create View

Description of the migrate and create view services, integration into preservation frameworks ...

General Stuff

Here everything concerning the Development:

Welcome to our Team (Development information, GIT, ...)
Definitions of relevant terms
Applet Directives
Migrate Scenario XML
PLANETS storage issue
Digital Object Injection
Different Testbed Workflows
Selective Qemu Snapshots
HDD Creation Script
HDD Input/Output Script

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