Design Details

Here you can find more details of the design phase of our team project.

Activity Diagrams

Figure 2.1:
The above diagram, shows a general activity diagram. Once the test user accesses the web page, he/she will have the options to choose what part of the system should be tested. Right after the test user selects and submits his/her test tasks, the "Controller" will take the control of every single component and it will assign tasks to each required component to successfully finish the test. In the next step, the "Controller" starts to receive the results from the components.

Figure 2.2:
This diagram shows the activity diagram, with a focus on the "Controller". The noteworthy part in this diagram is that the "Controller" assigns tasks to the components directly depending on the user input and then it stores the results in the database. Later on, these results are fetched by the web page or test software and displayed.

Sequence Diagrams

Figure 3:
This diagram shows how the system works for one test case, between a GSM device and the SIP server. For other tests of our telecommunication network, the diagrams are similar, with some or no differences at all.

Class Diagram

Figure 4:
Class diagram shows the relationship between the classes.

Test Use Case

Figure 5:
In this diagram one can see the use cases, what a test user can choose to do with our test software.

Error Handling

We are going to use the SIP Error codes, listed bellow, in order to have a general list of codes and every single part of our software will use it. Using this coding scheme, it will be easier for the test user to identify the errors.

List of error (taken from Wikipedia):

2xx—Successful Responses

200 OK

4xx—Client Failure Responses

400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found (User not found)
408 Request Time-out (Couldn't find the user in time)
486 Busy Here
487 Request Terminated
488 Not Acceptable Here
491 Request Pending

5xx—Server Failure Responses

500 Server Internal Error, Sever die
502 Bad Gateway
503 Service Unavailable
504 Server Time-out

*600-Controller Codes

601 General Handler Error: Could not open Destination handler
602 General Handler Error: Could not open Origin handler
604 General Handler Error: Destination handler no respond
605 General Handler Error: Origin handler no respond

8xx Extended Codes

801 General socket layer error
802 General socket layer error: Wrong socket number

Database Design