Creating Test Object.

To create an object of test class would be use by typing. "initTestClass.doTest()".



This function use to get connection status to the server. This function will return 1 if the server handler give respond or alive and return 0 if the server handler doesn't respond ping message. On this function, we use Ping class to check connection status of the handler server, more information about this class you can find Here


This function use to check whether we can make connection to the database and fetch information we need which are store on the database such as device detail information.
On this function, we call Database class to check connection to database and fetch information. More information about this class, you can find Here


This function use to checking detail information about the devices, is there enough information about username, password,server, and port name on the database. if there missing information about the account detail, this function will return 0.

Whenever this function called, its means that handler is ready to make a test. then this function have purpose to send a message "RECEIVE START" and "CALL START" to the handler.

initTest(callFrom, callTo)

This function will execute test given from the variable callFrom and callTo. This function create doTheTest class to make a test. After we create an object with this class, we use it to start the handler and make a test including communication with the handler. more information about doTheTest class, you can find Here


This is default test which is only calling important part of the network to identify which part having problem. This function will identify and make adjustment which part should be call after get the result from previous test.